Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I learned at Shmoocon 2010

Freezing hd's for recovery purposes is not a good idea.

Bluetooth hacking is easy.

Marriott skylights don't support 2ft of snow and it does snow in the lobby during special events.

Wifi is something that no one does correctly, and even if it is done correctly, it's easy to break into and mess with.

Fedora's early days gave users a bad taste that they still remember so many are now using ubuntu or debian.

Few security folks know much about KVM (not keyboard-video-mouse switches).

Many web services can be attacked and abused easily via the public api's.

Flash is bad, can be abused easily.

Mifi devices are vulnerable, Verizon is working on it, run it in tethered mode, never in hotspot mode.

More complete posts tomorrow, after recovery from getting home in snow and subsequent SuperBowl festivities.

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