Monday, June 14, 2010

Screenkey, updated - v0.2

Updated screenkey spec and rpms posted to There's still work to be done as these don't build correctly on F13 just yet.

Kudos to Pablo for replacing the root code with python-xlib! Excellent work.

- Ivan

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slick new presentation/teaching software - Screenkey

Building off the following software, I packaged up the screenkey software into an RPM for Fedora12. The software displays the keys you type in big letters on screen so that anyone watching the presentation/demo/session can see what you're typing. The video shows very clearly what it does. Try it!

Fine work from the Ubuntu community!

Will work on submitting for official inclusion into the packaging system this weekend.

Fedora Packaging Classroom Session

Thanks to nirik for hosting and educating!

Lots of excellent links and explanation.

- Anyone can write a review for Fedora packages.
- Anyone can submit a package.
- Reviewers can approve reviews and packages.
- Sponsors approve new package group members.
- New packages need SPONSOR flag if submitter isn't package group member.
- Use a checklist when reviewing packages.

See MINUTES for links.

Combine with Mock build env and you can build packages for EPEL and
other versions of Fedora, archs, etc.


MINUTES (text):