Friday, May 15, 2009

Interesting Robot links

I was writing to a friend of mine who's doing some wicked stuff with remote controlled airplanes - check this out - and I ended up compiling some interesting links on the using the bioloid platform for interesting projects. Enjoy!

Am going to get the last tool I need to finish it today. Will start off with the kit that it comes with to learn how the thing works and to calibrate the motors - locations, positions and such. (The directions seem to have typos in them.)

Am also reading about this right now to get started with more sophisticated control software.

SLAM For Dummies.pdf


Will probably enlarge the chest enough to get a mini or micro-itx board in there similar to Brainbot or perhaps several n800's running in a cluster running adaptive learning, visual recognition, spatial mapping and control systems. (After strpping the casing from N800's for weight reduction.)

This is going to be a blast.

Original N770 on Bioloid puppy thread
Bioloid humanoid transformer
Brainbot Voodoo control

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