Saturday, January 19, 2013

Updated! - FUDCon 2012, Lawrence, KS Day 1

Now with links!!

Wow, so many interesting and fascinating ideas. Here's what I've learned about and will be investigating further over the next few months:

1. Pulp 2.0 - Extensible past RPM content, right now puppet modules can be pushed via pulp.
2. Ansible - Fireball mode uses ZeroMQ, allows large scalability and fast messaging.
3. COPRs - Collection Of Package Repos, method of building and distributing packages without needing a Koji infrastructure. Interesting for third party software.
4. OpenLMI - Interesting idea, standardization of management tools into a larger framework, unless I am completely misunderstood.

Lots of things that are very relevant to the work I do and will be doing in the next few years. The lightning talks and presentations were very interesting. As always, it's been great to see all the Fedora friends in person!!

More coming tomorrow.

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