Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Android and Fedora Talk

A little bit of technology.

The Fedora Project provides it's contributors with a VOIP account. This can be accessed via any softphone and, it turns out, via Sipdroid on the Android platform. The process is rather simple to setup.

Step 1. Join the Fedora Project.
Step 2. Install Sipdroid on your Android phone.
Step 3. Activate your VOIP account in FAS.
Step 4. Configure Sipdroid as follows:

> Preferred Call Type: Phone
Underneath SIP Account Settings
> Authorization Username: [FAS account]
> Password: [VOIP Password]
> Server:
> Domain: [empty]
> Username/Caller ID: [FAS account]
> Port: 5060
> Protocol: UDP

And that's pretty much it.

1 comment:

tatica said...

I was trying to make this work on CCSipSimple and I don't know why... just don't like the fedora voip.

Thank you for your post :D